Sandbanks Provincial Park
Picton Ontario
Canada K0K 2T0

Campground Descripton:  Giant sand dunes and golden beaches form two of the largest freshwater baymouth sandbars in the world here, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Efforts to stabilize shifting sands disturbed by farming have revived distinctive dune plants such as bluets, butterfly weed and sand spurge. Trails feature dune stairs to protect this delicate vegetation.

Campsite Reviews
Campsite 227  - Not for a trailer

Camp Date: 8/23/2014

There isnt a flat spot on this site, and its certainly not set up for a trailer. The oneway loop doesnt work for a trailer. I had to turn around against the oneway, then back in. Its really tight for a trailer driving the loop, as well as on the site. The site is close to the water tap. there is some isolation from your neighbours.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 8/26/2014
Campsite 690  - Beautiful Covered Lot

Camp Date: 7/6/2014

We just returned from three days at Sandbanks, lot 690. This lot was a tree covered corner lot. The ground was completely covered in leaves. It was reasonably private from the back, but completely open on the three sides. If you are looking for privacy then don't book this site. Traffic on the road wasn't heavy, and the site is very close to the bathroom and showers. There is also a water tap right on the site itself. Overall we really liked the site. It has electricity. We'd book it again for sure.
Reviewed by Stephen Webb on 6/10/2014
Campsite 165  - Nice pull thru...

Camp Date: 6/29/2014

Pretty good site. Water would run away from your tent/trailer, as pull thru area is elevated. You don't see much of your neighbours, although they are close. Short walk to the beach and comfort station. Site has electricity, and some poison ivy. Check out our video on Sandbanks Provincial Park - Campsite 165
Reviewed by Kirby the camper on 7/7/2014
Campsite 81  - buggy

Camp Date: 5/30/2014

this was our first time at Sandbanks. the site had good privacy and a good amount of shade, however it was extremely buggy due to the collection of old leaves on the ground. at night it was almost unbearable even with the fire, bug spray, etc. will definitely be booking a sand site the next time!
Reviewed by camper on 6/1/2014
Campsite 69  - Great family fun!

Camp Date: 8/17/2013

We were lucky to book a campsite last minute. The site we ended up with was perfect for our family. The site is big but split onto two levels. The top portion can fit 3 shelters but it would be snug. The bottom portion could fit one tent and cars. We used the top portion with two shelters and it was very spacious. We could see right into our neighbours site but we were far from them so it was still private. The top portion was also very far from the road so we didn't need to worry about little ones. The outhouse was across the street which was convenient with the kids. We could smell it at times but it wasn't overly bothersome. There was a path through the back of the site right to the comfort station and beach. I wish we could have stayed for a week!!
Reviewed by Campy McCamperson on 8/19/2013
Campsite 161  - very large and nice located

Camp Date: 7/21/2013

site holds full tent and kitchen tent with full electric. very near a full shower setup and 4 to 5 mins walk to the beach.! recommend this site especially if you need power
Reviewed by boomiec on 7/29/2013
Campsite 146  - Small but Ok

Camp Date: 7/14/2013

The site was pretty small with a slope which was the only place the tent could lay flat. We were on the other side of one of the main roads heading into camp so the road noise was loud in the evening. The 'June bugs' were insane!! Kids didn't want to come out of the tent for a while. Word of advice - have the brightest light farther away to keep the bugs there. The 'washroom' was across the street and in my opinion not useable. It was 'cleaned' twice a day but they would spend about 1 minute per washroom. Not my idea of clean! We always walked to the comfort stations which had lights and running water. The beach was beautiful, clear and mostly clean. Kids loved it. Water was pretty warm but cool enough to be refreshing.
Reviewed by trijo on 7/18/2013
Campsite 113  - Tight squeeze!

Camp Date: 6/30/2013

Little bit of a tight squeeze to back a trailer in, but once you do, the site is great. Its pretty close to both 114 and 67, but that was fine as my brother and sisters families were on those sites. the site does have a steep slope between 113 and 114. This site is close to the beach, comfort station and water tap, on a paved road.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/5/2013
Campsite 170  - Good electrical site at Sandbanks

Camp Date: 6/29/2013

We stayed at the Sandbanks Outlet A site 170 over the July 1 weekend. It is one of a few electrical sites in the Outlet area. This site is a long pull-through site. It has enough trees for good coverage. One problem (as with most of the outlet sites) is poison ivy. It borders the site and may be a problem if you have young kids. Easy walk to the beach and comfort station.
Reviewed by jennyro on 7/16/2013
Campsite 53  - Very happy with this site

Camp Date: 8/29/2012

Generously sized wooded site on a quiet loop. About 200 metres from the water. Sites 44-57 are similar and of good quality. Site 51 may have some toilet stench in bad wind. Site 40 would be a good for a group of young people, it's quite deep with a forest at the back, and might be good for smoking pot without drawing attention.
Reviewed by woodman on 9/8/2012
Campsite 716  - No shades, no privacy

Camp Date: 8/17/2012

The size is quite large, no tree no privacy but it's pretty close to the washroom and the water. It's around 2.5 km to the park store (parking lot 6 and 7). The worst site I've ever had.
Reviewed by seasonal camper on 8/27/2012
Campsite 178  - close to washrooms, showers and walk to beach

Camp Date: 6/8/2012

this was a pretty nice spot, it was busy because it was across from the main shower facility, but it wasn't bad at all. it was a short walk to the beach. i would recommend this spot for tents or smaller trailers
Reviewed by lonners on 3/2/2013
Campsite 358  - Amazing time yet again!

Camp Date: 1/9/2012

This was my second time at Sandbanks and it did not disappoint. Beautiful, spacious, private site and right next to the water tap and privy. Not too far to walk to the comfort station either. Incredible beaches, hiking trails and wineries close by. Best campsite in Ontario!
Reviewed by Ashley on 9/4/2012
Campsite 682 Woodlands  - Better than expected

Camp Date: 8/22/2011

We stayed here for almost a week and would go back again. The site was better than the rating the PP gave it. The site across from us was nice and even more private (site 681) The comfort stations were well taken care of and there was never a big lineup at the showers considering the park was full. The park store was very well equipped. The park is great for young families, quiet at night (enforced with fines) - this is a great beach vacation spot without the party crowd (AKA Sauble or Wasaga). Our site was central to all 3 beaches, but only walkable to the main beach. Be careful selecting your site in this park as some sites are in open fields. There are some choice sites with a beach view if you like camping in the sand. (non-electric, no privacy). There's tons to do in the area and shopping only 15 mins away.
Reviewed by Canoe2fish on 8/27/2011
Campsite 30  - Great Beach Vacation!

Camp Date: 8/8/2011

We had the pleasure of camping on this site in Aug. 2011. The site is right on the beach, but separated from it by a large dune (nice shleter when the wind picks up). Some shade to sit as you walk to beach from site. The site is very long, is open to site 28, and has lots of sand.Ideal for a beach vacation!
Reviewed by Kitkat on 3/12/2012
Campsite 30  - On the Beach!

Camp Date: 8/8/2011

We had the pleasure of getting this site for 3 nights in August 2011. We had the most amazing weather so it was a great beach vacation. You can't see the water directly from the site, a dune separates it from the beach which makes it nice and sheltered when the wind picks up! Lots of sand and mostly sun. Long site, but open to site 28.
Reviewed by Kitkat on 3/12/2012
Campsite 684  - Great site

Camp Date: 6/15/2011

Close to facilites and on a nice paved road. Lots of privacy and staff always keeps park and facilites clean.
Reviewed by Smokey on 8/2/2012
Campsite 684  - Cool Site

Camp Date: 6/15/2011

Great site with full shade, close to facilities and quite private.
Reviewed by Smokey on 8/2/2011
Campsite 174  - wasn't crazy about it

Camp Date: 1/8/2011

This campsite had a bit of a it didn't leave a lot of space to put up your tents. It was close to the washrooms and reasonably close to the beach
Reviewed by lonners on 3/2/2013
Campsite 161  - Big site, with electricity.

Camp Date: 1/7/2011

This is our second year staying on this site for Canada Day weekend. Great site, and this year they added electricity to this site, and the others around it. We don't generally need/use electricity, but if you need it, its there. Site has a few roots, and levels to it. Not likely very good for a trailer. Close to the beach, and the comfort station.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/15/2011
Campsite 213  - Hot Hot week in July 2010 at Sandbanks

Camp Date: 12/7/2010

we went middle week to sandbanks from july 12 to 15th 2010 i believe it was. our camp site was won of those ones that you park your car on the side..and walk up the hill into the site. its small but surrounded by trees so a bit of privacy even though you are up on top of the camp site. it was a short 5 minute drive to the main wash stations and probably 7 to 8 minutes to the main beach. weather was steaming hot 40 plus and there isnt much air in this site for keeping cool. the site was clean...water was by tap about 4 sites away. kybo was 5 sites away. i didnt mind the site but it wouldnt be my first choice again. luckily we had a tent that was not to big and all there was besides was a picnic table. you could not have put another tent with another couple in this site. its for 2 only.
Reviewed by Cliff Clavin on 9/29/2010
Campsite 161  - Canada Day 2010

Camp Date: 7/1/2010

Another great site at Sandbanks. Lots of room. A few roots to trip over if you aren't careful. Could not likely put a trailer on the site. Enough room for a large tent and dining shelter. Pretty close to the beach and to the comfort stations.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/27/2010
Campsite 165  - Another great site

Camp Date: 6/30/2010

nice weekend camping. Not too noisy, good for biking, fishing, and beachtime. Fairly close to everything. Two entrance/exits, one one either side. Quite a bit of poison ivy, so you have to be careful when travelling site to site if you are with a group. Would def. use this site again.
Reviewed by tmarion70 on 8/3/2010
Campsite 163  - Canada Day 2010

Camp Date: 6/30/2010

Great site! 163 is a very large and private site with good flat areas for any type of camping equipment. We fit our tent trailer and a large shade shelter with plenty of extra room for playing! It has good areas of both sunshine and shade. It is also a short walk to the beach. Drawbacks: Poison Ivy!! There was poison ivy all along the perimeter of the site. Not a problem is you stay away but it may be hard to keep smaller children out of it. Also the closest washroom is a bit of a walk.
Reviewed by jro on 7/7/2010
Campsite 164  - Canada Day 2010

Camp Date: 6/30/2010

Great site which offered sun, shade, privacy - surrounded by trees and it is up on a hill so was above the site beside this one and has flat ground for a large tent. Best of all it is a very short walk to the beach and the comfort station as well. The water tap is right behind this site. Watch out for the poison ivy which is all around this campground
Reviewed by Keeper on 7/4/2010
Campsite 642  - First Trip of the Summer

Camp Date: 6/15/2010

Great privacy, close to all the facilities. Everything about the site was great.
Reviewed by Smokey on 9/6/2010
Campsite 709  - Not as bad a review!

Camp Date: 5/21/2010

This is a great campsite if you are going when it might be a bit cooler. There is plenty of morning/early afternoon sunshine. Not bad for privacy - but you can certainly set up your campsite to maximize it. There is no one behind you at all so lots of space!
Reviewed by jennyro on 4/19/2010
Campsite 630  - My 630 Review

Camp Date: 7/1/2009

Great site if you're afraid of the dark and have a bad blatter. This site was right on top of the comfort station that had a bright orange light that was in our eyes all night long. Tall trees made for some good shade if you had a month of solid sun. We had a few days of rain that made this wooded area very damp and with the sun we had didn't dry it up. No privacy and not a walking distance to any of the beaches.
Reviewed by dougarmstrong on 1/28/2010
Campsite 621  - Camping under the big top

Camp Date: 6/26/2009

For a change we camped at the Woodlands camp ground this year. It has eletricity, paved roads and lots of big trees. The site was big, but not a lot of privacy, you could look through the trees and see what your neighbours where doing. It was okay for us because we had friends on both sides. This particular site was very shady, it would be ideal if the weather was hot, then it would provide escape from the hot sun. The trees continue to drop rain, long after the rain has stopped! It is a short bike ride to both the Dunes and the Outlet beach.
Reviewed by Keeper on 7/7/2009
Campsite 620  - Great Woodland site!

Camp Date: 6/7/2009

This year our group decided to try camping in the Woodland campground to get electricity…what a great choice. Our site was excellent, even during the heavy rain. It was slightly elevated, so the rain ran off the site. Great trees in the campground. The water tap was in front of the site…some might consider it a negative, but it was handy. I look forward to booking the site again. Only negative was the distance to the beach.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 8/12/2009
Campsite 130  - fun again!

Camp Date: 7/7/2008

Camped here last year and enjoyed it so we rented the same one again. We'll go back in '08' as well. -close to potty -close to showers -good privacy -good for bikes -not too far from beach -sun and shade
Reviewed by tmarion70 on 6/18/2008
Campsite 130  - good times

Camp Date: 7/6/2008

We loved this site. both sun and shade. Close to the potty and the "REAL" bathrooms. good closed loop for families camping together with kids. They can ride their bikes around and around... Not too far from the beach but far enough that you don't have to worry about little ones wandering off into the water.
Reviewed by tmarion70 on 6/18/2008
Campsite 143  - Isolation in a busy park!

Camp Date: 7/1/2008

This is a great site if you are looking for a little isolation. You can't see the site from the road. There are lots of trees. Our tent was on an elevated part of the site. Good thing because we had lots of rain. Just remember, you have to carry all of your gear up some stairs to the site.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/15/2008
Campsite 144  - Nice Tent Site

Camp Date: 7/1/2008

Great site for tenting with the upper level well shaded near fire pit. Trailer in lower level is very close to raod and fully exposed to the sun.
Reviewed by garnita on 7/7/2008
Campsite 136  - Huge Corner Lot

Camp Date: 7/1/2007

We love this site and are planning to return this year. It abuts a natural valley where the kids run, play and swig from ropes in the aware of poison ivy, lots of it found in the areas off the paths. A short walk to the beach, showers, water stations and outhouse.
Reviewed by salty on 6/9/2008
Campsite 142  - Returning for a 3rd year!

Camp Date: 7/1/2007

We love this site. It is large, surrounded by trees, is near a water tap and the outhouse is not too far away. We camp with a large group of friends during Canada Day Weekend, we all book sites around this particular loop. The kids ride their bikes from site to site and we never worry about traffic as it is one way and goes slow. The beach is amazing.
Reviewed by Keeper on 6/7/2008
Campsite 139  - Great site at Sandbanks. Canada Day!

Camp Date: 6/29/2007

Camped here Canada Day, and it was great. Site is elevated, so we had no issues with the rain. Site is private. Kids rode their bikes around the loop all weekend. Minimal traffic. Beach is fantastic.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/2/2007
Campsite 150  - Great site at Sandbanks.

Camp Date: 9/15/2006

Fall camping at sandbanks is great. Our site was on a one way road, so there was akmost no traffic. Great for the kids. Sandbanks was quiet, which was a nice change from Canada Day Weekend, which is the other time I have camped there. No issues with our site. I would recommend it to anyone.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 9/18/2006
Campsite 127  - Great site

Camp Date: 7/1/2006

This is a great site at the Sandbanks. Large and shady. If you have friends - it is close to 126. A bit of a walk to the beach and the showers.
Reviewed by jennyro on 6/9/2008
Campsite 111  - Great site - close to beach

Camp Date: 7/1/2006

This is a great site for families at the Sandbanks. It is a nice shady private site. It is close to the showers and a short walk to the beach. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by jennyro on 6/9/2008
Campsite 128  - Too much traffic.

Camp Date: 6/30/2006

Site is ok. It is elevated at one end, and has some shade. The problem with the site is that it is on one of the main roads to the beach, and it is right across the road from an outhouse.
Reviewed by kirby the camper on 7/3/2006