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Paxis Pack Review

In the world of backpacks, I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and novelty features that are integrated with the bag that really don’t add to the overall experience or functionality. These days, you can find no shortage of backpacks with integrated mobile technology. This really just adds up to components and wires that will break down in all-weather situations, and bring little more than new ways to connect your iphone to your backpack. Not very interesting. Paxis has done something much more.

Chrysalis Hammock Tent Review

The Chrysalis Hammock Tent and Campersleeve is a unique tent for backpackers, paddlers and campers. The hammock / tent combo helps you be one with nature.

Watch our complete demonstration of the Cleanwater Water Purification Kit.

Watch our complete demonstration of the Cleanwater Water Purification Kit.

My French Press

The My French Press is a uniquely designed French Press made specifically for use with K-Cups, coffee pods and ground coffee. K-Cups are typically used with Keurig or other single cup brewing systems, coffee pods are also pre-measured coffee packages for single use.

FNO - Integrated Camping Blanket

FNO Integrated Camping Blanket We came across a great looking Kickstarter campaign in 2014 - the Father Nature Outdoors - Integrated Camping Blanket, and we had to make a pledge to help them see their new product come to market.  Read more

Grill Wrangler

With the Grill Wrangler, you can grab, flip and stab your meat – without the need of 3 utensils. The Grill Wrangler combines a Spatula, Tongs and a Fork all into one easy to use barbecue tool.

Purificup Natural Water Purifier

myCampsiteReview was recently given the pleasure of testing out the PurifiCup – Natural Water Purifer. The PurifiCup is currently offered in three models: Tap Water Purifier, Natural Water Purifier – Green, Natural Water Purifier – Purple. Our review will focus on the Natural Water Purifer – purple version.


The design of the QuietStove is simple. According to the manufacturers’ website, the burner cap is constructed with Stainless Steel, and the model that was tested for the MSR Dragonfly comes in an optional “nickel” finish.

Selk'Bag Review

Selk'Bag Review We've been using our  Read more

Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle is a unique system for rapidly boiling water without the need for propane or gas fuels. The kettle is designed to be used with readily available natural fuels, such as dried twigs, leaves and pine cones.

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